14 Countries & 50 cities

discover more than 50 cities all over the world. Play your way to knowledge. New destinations added weekly!

Free Discovery Map


Open the free discover map and discover what is around you! Never get bored with out AR games for on the way!

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Share the most beautiful spots Of the world on your very own Freddy Profile. Comment, like and share them with your friends and fellow travellers around the world. 

Find chests all over the world and discover what's inside!

Warning: Every now and then We Hide real treasures Around The World. So if you fancy free tickets to concerts, movie premieres or city trips... Always keep an eye on the app & our social channels ;-) ...

Freddy will lead the way!

follow freddy to get to each and every destination on your tour. Be a Rebel & Take D-Tours to catch treasures, freddy will lead you back Where you Left Off. Never get lost again!

catch freddy and unlock the information

<style>When you arrive at one of your tour destinations, the camera function on your phone will open. look for freddy, trow him a ball and discover something new about the place You're visiting.

play & learn!

for every destination on your tour, freddy will reveal the information in three levels 1. Have to Know, 2. Good to Know & 3. Know it all